Our Company

Experts in helping savvy professionals thrive and get results 

A day by design, not by default

As we prepare for the day: 

We consider how we can be our best. 

How can we serve our clients and those dear to us?

We commit to focusing on what matters and letting go of what doesn’t.  

What is the wisest possible investment of our time and energy? 

We choose consciously and wisely, keeping what’s important to us at the front of our hearts and minds. We also accept that we’re human and won’t always get it right:  we have compassion for ourselves and others.

When we live on purpose, each day is another opportunity to be extraordinary. 

The principles and values that guide us throughout our day are Learning, Great Work and Community



Physis  -  (Greek: φύσις)

A theological, philosophical, and scientific term usually translated as “nature”.

“Physis refers to the certainty of growth and the fact that we are destined to thrive”...  learning is the most explicit display of human physis”.

as quoted by Giles Barrow; in his essay Educator as Cultivator 

Great Work 

The imperative to do great work unites us with our clients, colleagues and collaborators. It is the essence of our contribution and drives our every choice.



We choose to spend our waking moments with like-minded people who want to thrive and seek positive change in their own lives and in the world. We grow together, continually sharing leading-edge thinking with our partners, colleagues and clients.

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