Kick-start your Personal Growth with Tony Robbins

Kick-start your Personal Growth with Tony Robbins

If you’ve ever been tempted to do a Tony Robbin’s training, please don’t hesitate.  Do it now!  Why do I say that?

Doing ‘Unleash the Power Within’ 15 years ago has completely changed my life.  It has been the catalyst for my personal growth, moving from anxiety and depression to confidence and success. 

Has there ever been a time in your life when you look back at your younger self and you don’t recognise yourself?

Well, I cannot believe how much my life has changed since I attended that particular event at the Excel Center 15 years ago.

Back then I was in a marriage that didn’t work and wasn’t good for me, (I was married to a psychopath).  I was doing a job I didn’t enjoy that was causing me stress and anxiety and many sleepless nights.  I didn’t have time for my family and friends because I was so consumed by my work.  And I carved out no time for myself.  I looked old for my age, with all the stress and worry, and I was fed up and disgruntled with the world.  I couldn’t see a way out!

Somehow, I had lost my sense of self and felt like the ball in a pinball machine – being hurled from one place to the next by other peoples’ demands.

That was until I attended  UPW (Unleash the Power Within)

I have to say the environment was alien to me, seeing thousands of people all in one room and most of them jumping up and down on their chairs, dancing and hollering.  I wasn’t really sure whether I would last the morning, these people didn’t really seem to be my tribe.  But with my friends’ help, I did stay and I am so pleased I did.

Spending 3 days with Tony Robbins challenged my thinking and caused me to look at different aspects of my life in new ways.

For the first time, I took responsibility for what was going on in my life and decided to change it.  It took courage and wasn’t easy but it started that weekend.

Fire Walking was a highlight – walking on fire and not burning my feet was terrifying. But I followed Tony’s instructions about getting into an empowering state and it worked.  That taught me that I can do anything now if I put my mind to it.  Boy has that mind-shift changed my personal growth and success!

I began to realise just how powerful our minds are and that they can be either used for good or ill.  Our thoughts can empower us or annihilate us – the choice is yours.

So what did I do after UPW?

I split up with my husband after 18 years of marriage and have now reached a balanced way of co-existing and co-parenting my son.  I am the Founder of the Thrive Tribe and help busy women to feel more empowered and share strategies so they can have more success in their careers, relationships, health and wellbeing.  

Unbelievably my current partner happened to be at the same UPW event!  Can you believe that?  We didn’t meet but somehow it is reassuring and rather wonderful to know he was in the same room all those years ago, experiencing his version of the UPW journey.

I an now an award-winning Speaker, Author and Trainer. To my joy, I have a thriving business that educates and trains people about mental wellbeing and how to set your self up to Thrive at work and in life.  If you don’t have a sustainable strategy you are more likely to burnout and derail your career.  

What I have discovered on my journey is that there are 5 key things you need to master if you want to Thrive at work and in life – but more of these personal growth strategies another time.

If you have ever felt tempted to do a Tony Robbins event – hesitate no longer and take charge of your life by attending UPW (Unleash the Power Within).  Tickets are going fast and you may have to pay more than you had hoped but what price would you put on your success and freedom?

I’ll be heading for the US in December to do his ‘Date with Destiny’ event next.  I wonder what will happen as a consequence – can’t wait to find out – I am on my way!