3 Tips For Getting More Done And Avoiding Burn Out

3 Tips For Getting More Done And Avoiding Burn Out

Are you a busy woman rushing around trying to balance family life with work but then never having any time for yourself?  Or maybe you’re an entrepreneur feeling like you’re spread too thinly and there are not enough hours in the day to get everything done?  Maybe you’re fed up with having to sacrifice yourself, your health, enjoyment and relationships to fulfil others demands.

Over the last 10 years, I have moved from being hospitalised from burning myself out to finding a balance in my life.

I want to share with you 3 simple ways to get more done in your day so you can achieve more, worry less and get yourself back on track.

Tip 1 – Sleep Rules

The mistake that many people make with their productivity is that they prioritise work over everything else.  This includes sacrificing sleep to get things done.

Sleep is the most underrated productivity tool there is. Research has shown if you don’t get enough sleep, things take longer to do, you make more mistakes, your brain can’t focus or be as creative as it might and you can feel cranky too!

You know what its like when you see people wandering around sleep deprived and they have no idea how it’s affecting their productivity, but yet this is seen as normal.

So, instead of prioritising work and compromising your sleep you need to simply flip it on its head and prioritise sleep. You’ll feel refreshed, energised, think more clearly, be more productive and have time for the things that matter.

Tip 2 –  Be in Charge

 Another mistake that people make is allowing their day to be in charge of them rather than them being in charge of their day.

This means that they are influenced by what comes into their in-tray or email and they often then get caught up in what appears to be urgent rather than what is important.

When that happens day in day out the important things don’t ever happen in your life which causes your business, career or other priorities not to move forward as they should

So instead of allowing your day to be in charge of you, you need to spend some time strategising each day.  To strategise, simply make sure you spend a few minutes before your day starts to decide:-

  • what’s important now
  • what must get done today
  • how can you be your best self

This will give you more focus and you will feel more in control. Get the important things done not just the urgent things.

Tip 3 – No Time for Distractions

Another mistake many people make with their productivity is they allow themselves to be continuously interrupted. This makes it more difficult to focus, think clearly and to get any quality work done.

Instead of allowing yourself to be interrupted you want to create blocks of uninterrupted time.  Schedule time to do a particular task, create a space away from distraction, turn off your phone and computer ideally or if that’s not possible, at least turn off the notifications and tell people you don’t want to be interrupted for the next period of time.

With fewer distractions, you will have more time to focus on the things and people that really matter.

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Time to Think

Time to Think

Do you find yourself rushing around with no time to think? Perhaps you have so much on, that it’s impossible to keep up? Or maybe you know the quality of your work is not its best and you’re worried you’re going to be found out?

Imagine 2017 is the year you get on top of things and that you will be in charge of your day rather than your day being in charge of you.

You see, “The quality of everything we do is dependant on the thinking we do first” – Nancy Kline.

So creating time to think is vital.  But how do you do that? It’s certainly not always easy and not always possible but try these ideas to regain control, get some time back and be in charge of your day.

Before you look at emails, and I mean BEFORE, think about these questions:-

o What’s important to get done today?

o Who do I need to reach out to?

o What sort of leader do I want to be?

o Who do I need to appreciate/acknowledge?

You might need to lie in bed for a couple of minutes longer to do this if you can’t trust yourself not to look at emails first thing!

As you walk between meetings ask yourself these questions:-

o What was great about that last interaction?

o What would I do differently next time?

o What do I want out of the next interaction? Win:Win

o How do I need to be to get the result I want?

And during your commute home or at the end of the day

o What can I celebrate, however small?

o What’s the biggest lesson I’ve learned?

o What needs to happen so I feel done for today?

o How can I best switch off and recharge the battery ready for tomorrow?

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